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Posted by Patrick Youngs

Join us: "IFRS 15 - The state of European telco"

Join Aptitude Software to discuss how European telcos are progressing with IFRS 15 compliance projects. The standard has an effective date of 1 January 2018 with retrospective reporting expected for the preceding year, giving a relatively small window to complete all the steps on the way to a fully compliant solution.

The webinar takes a close look at how telcos across Europe are tackling the challenge of IFRS 15. How advanced are projects in most telcos? What are the options for a solution? What are the major providers doing? What are the biggest implementation challenges? 

10am GMT 10th December 2015

You can expect to hear about:

  • Timeline left to effective date
  • How far progressed are European telcos in their projects
  • Examples of major global telcos who are implementing solutions
  • Typical road bumps
  • The Aptitude Software IFRS 15 Revenue Recognition Engine

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